Life expectancy and consequences after left-sided ischemic stroke 
Signs of pathology The left hemisphere controls the following body functions: logical thinking; ability to process received
Alpha amylase
Total amylase level - diagnosis of pancreatitis
Amylases are a group of enzymes that are responsible for the body's breakdown of carbohydrates from food.
Veins in the legs (spider veins) - superficial veins
1.2. Anatomy of the veins of the lower extremities
Contents Etiology and pathogenesis Clinical manifestations Treatment methods “Veins in the legs” (varicose veins,
Structural changes in the brain during hypoxic-ischemic damage to the central nervous system in newborns of different gestational ages. Comparison of echographic picture with data
Hospitalization and treatment under the compulsory medical insurance quota. More details after viewing the pictures. Craniopharyngioma of the brain -
Ultrasound of neck vessels
Intracranial atherosclerosis: diagnosis, clinical manifestations, therapy
Blood supply to the brain is one of the invisible functions of our body. Strong emotion, physical activity
Duplex scanning of the abdominal aorta and its visceral branches
Ultrasound diagnostics is based on the property of sound waves to pass through tissue and be reflected from
Main symptoms
Hydronephrosis in children: why you shouldn’t delay seeing a doctor
Hydronephrosis is also called hydrocele of the kidney, since with this disease the outflow of urine in the area is disrupted.
Stages of varicose veins
Varicose veins and the army - what fitness category will be assigned?
Home » Articles » Schedule of diseases » Varicose veins and the army Updated: October 24, 2021
Diabetes - how do you know if you are diabetic? First symptoms and diagnosis
Types and causes of diabetes What happens in the body of a diabetic? Is it possible at home?
Poor appetite and refusal to eat in older people: causes, possible consequences, ways to solve the problem
A stroke is a signal to change your life, restore and maintain health.
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