Herbal medicine for heart patients: hawthorn increases or decreases blood pressure
Flowers, leaves and fruits of this plant have been used since ancient times in various fields of traditional medicine for
Angina: causes, diagnostic methods and treatment
Angina pectoris or, as it is colloquially called “angina pectoris,” is one of the
Heart valve replacement
What foods can you eat after aortic valve replacement?
The achievements of Israeli cardiac surgeons are known throughout the world. Innovative developments and high qualifications of medical cardiac surgeons
Pain in the neck
Almag Plus / Almag-01 for high blood pressure (hypertension)
Home → Physiotherapy devices → Magnetic therapy devices → Almag devices → Almag Plus
Ventilatory anaerobic threshold
Load testing: are the differences between bicycle ergometry and treadmill testing so insignificant?
YES. Kuzhel, G.V. Matyushin, E.Yu. Egorova, N.V. Kovaleva State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy"
Blood test for immunoglobulin: general recommendations
Blood test for immunoglobulin: general recommendations
Immunoglobulins are compounds that are produced by cells of the human body's immune system. They serve as protection against
impotence treatment
Healthy man. What you need to know about your blood vessels. How to identify and prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.
Causes, consequences Various factors contribute to atherosclerosis of the vessels of the penis: reluctance to play sports, physical inactivity, deterioration in quality
“They arrived absolutely immobilized”: the doctor told how to prevent and recognize a stroke in a child
10/25/2019 Stroke in childhood: features of the disease in children and treatment Stroke in children
swimming for hypertension
Swimming and water aerobics for hypertension
Diseases of the cardiovascular system around the world are only increasing every year. Especially it concerns
How to increase iron absorption from food?
Iron deficiency anemia is a pathological condition characterized by a decrease in hemoglobin levels in the blood and
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